Reduce Stress for IEP Meetings


12-steps to follow to lessen the stress of annual IEP Meetings

Does the thought of an “annual IEP review” bring forth images of long meetings, stressed staff, and frustrated parents? It doesn't have to be that way. 

Pre-meeting activities including surveying parent and staff concerns and assigning roles to team members may help efficiently iron out problem issues and promote positive IEP meetings. It can be very frustrating for parents who have taken time off of work, made arrangements for child care to come to a disorganized IEP meeting. 

There are 12 essential steps IEP team members can take before your annual IEP meetings. 

Parents should have an opportunity to provide input and feedback before an IEP meeting about their concerns. Parents may feel intimidated or hesitant to share concerns when several people are staring at them at the beginning of an IEP meeting. Parents will also have more time to think about their particular concerns. Parents also feel their input is more valued and important when they share in preparation of an IEP meeting.

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